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At QML our approach to inventory risk management is simple yet refreshingly different. We listen to our clients, analyze and understand their requirements and provide unique risk solutions. We seek to build real partnerships with our clients. And, because we won't agree to routine approaches to risk management, we don't expect you to either.

Risk issues associated with inventory management have become more complex forcing companies to look for opportunities to minimize or eliminate risk. To effectively do this traditional tools and methods are not always adequate.

QML was founded with the belief that simply offering a range of standard solutions to industry to solve non-traditional and highly complex problems is not the best solution. The services offered by QML are uniquely structured on an individual client basis to effectively manage customer risk.

Risk Management services include:



Complimenting our metal sales, QML also sources recyclable precious metals from secondary processors, accumulators, and large industrial accounts for export to major smelters and refineries worldwide.

QML's management team provides our clients with services managing the technical and financial risks associated with the recycling of complex materials.

We offer a transparent business model that follows proven protocols emphasizing security of the valuable materials entrusted to us, through the use of approved partners and confirmation of results by internationally accepted independent laboratories.

When QML manages the precious metal value chain from accumulation through final payment, our clients can be assured of cost effective proper and ethical transactions.



Transportation and Insurance

QML provides transportation and storage services for scrap and bullion that are both secure and observant of ever changing regulatory compliance. We offer the complete spectrum of insurance to provide global coverage against loss for you material through all phases of the reclamation process.

Material Processing

QML has established relationships with a extensive collection of refiners and smelters ensuring that your unique reclamation needs are addressed. We use highly trained professionals to supervise the all aspects of the reclamation process from inspection and sampling of the material to analytical services and final settlement.

Hedging and Financing

QML provides variety of risk management vehicles which allow your organization to minimize inventory carrying cost and market exposure. These risk management tools include pre-pricing, forward hedging and spot pricing of the metal content of your material.

Let us analyze your operations and create your tailor made solution. Each stage of the process in creating a solution has to be well thought through, so we have assembled a team whose talents and abilities rival any in the marketplace.